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At Aspen Creek, we are all about community, family, and connection. We love hearing about the experiences and relationships that make our residents so special, and we are honored to get to share them.

Hugging Wall

It had been months since many of our residents had felt physical touch from their families. We're all about bringing people together, and creating moments that build connection. This has been difficult lately.

That's why we built The Hugging Wall. We wanted to create a fun, safe way that families could be close to their loved ones.

This day went beyond even our wildest dreams. Tears, smiles, and laughter. Sons hugged mothers for the first time in 8 months. Daughters rubbed the shoulders of their fathers. One of our residents got to touch her new great-granddaughter for the first time. The feedback from the families was incredible. Many asked if we could make this a permanent feature!

The feelings this event created were so memorable. Just another way we are working hard to foster connection.

Confidence - Michelle Hensel

Dr. Michelle Hensel explains why she is so confident in the Aspen Creek staff caring for her father, and why it was the best place for him to be, even during COVID times.

Glass Yoga

Providing joyful and exciting activities so our residents feel invigorated and inspired is one of our main priorities, because it contributes to an outstanding quality of life here!!

That's why we are so honored to have the amazing Michelle and Tricia leading us in yoga "through the glass" three times a week! Thanks to The Libby Group and Turiya of Alaska

One Word

Our culture is founded on relationships. We are passionate about providing senior caregiving in a multi-generational community, and connecting Anchorage.


Legacies are shared. Time is valued.

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