The #1 Assisted Living Community in Alaska is now offering dedicated Memory Care for your loved one!

Do you have an elderly loved one struggling with reduced memory?

We are specially trained to care for them, just like they are our own family!

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What is memory care?

When your loved one begins to become forgetful and suffer memory loss it can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Memory care is specialized care that individuals suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's receive within our assisted living community. They live in a memory care wing that is setup with physical amenities and activities specially designed for memory care. Our memory care staff receive advanced training to deal with the behaviors that can occur through the various stages of dementia.

Memory care residents may receive help with any of the types of activities of daily living (ADLs) that our assisted living residents do with the additional focus on helping them to deal with the realities they are facing with cognitive decline. Just as with our assisted living residents care is provided at an individual level, caring for each person as if they were our own parents.

memory care in anchorage, ak

Does my loved one need memory care?

It can be heartbreaking to see the challenges our loved ones deal with when suffering memory loss. Our natural desire is to provide care for those who have cared so much for us. Being a caregiver to anyone can be challenging; the additional difficulties created with memory loss and the associated behaviors can become daunting for anyone. If you are feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, or concerned we are available to discuss your concerns and possible solutions. You can send us a message or give us a call at (907) 868-2688.

How are my loved one's individual needs met?

Each of our residents have a personal needs assessment prior to their move-in to ensure that we know exactly how we can best provide care on an individual basis. This assessment is repeated after 30-days and then every 4-months thereafter or on a major change in condition. This information is used to create a care plan which is used by all our Care Partners to provide care tailored to the personal needs of each resident.

Individual needs are met for memory care residents in anchorage, ak
memory care in anchorage, ak

How are various behaviors associated with memory loss handled?

We provide dementia specific training for each of our Care Partners to give them the education and tools they require to redirect and diffuse problems. Many residents with dementia get a sensory overload doing typical daily activities; these residents will benefit in using our new sensory room specifically designed with the latest developments in how to best help those with memory loss.

Will my loved one have opportunities to be engaged and involved?

Absolutely! We have an activity room specifically for our memory care residents and activities will occur on a more individualized basis with smaller group involvement.

M<emory care residents in anchorage, ak are engaged and involved in activities